GNOME-OGD is an online game directory for GNOME panels.


1. To promote Linux as a good gaming platform, since all platforms that support Flash are good gaming platforms, even if most Flash games are casual games.

2. To demonstrate the number of free (as in beer) games that "come with Linux" by providing a full menu of games to complement the full menu of applications in a Linux installation. Best strategy is probably to keep the games in a toolbar menu to prevent clutter in the local application menu. This script is intended for use with GNOME but could be ported to other desktop environments.

3. To load Flash games in a light browser like Epiphany, preventing clutter in the user's main browser, and protecting the main browser in the event the game crashes.

4. To provide a collaborative central directory for Flash games.

Features needed:

Integration with toolbar
Writing a proper Bonobo server file
Building the central directory, categories, and submission process

Possible improvements:

Compatibility with other browsers and desktop environments
Displaying only the Flash movie for a more traditional desktop gaming experience (dependent on permission of game authors)

If you're interested in contributing, please contact the project manager.